Ladies, No More Pass Me Down Cars! $200-$250 gets you a New Car.

July 2020 – Joseph Niro – Founder

I must admit, I am fed up seeing Women driving in 5 to 10-year-old cars that are unsafe and are budget busters due to unpredictable expenses. Meaning you never know when you must spend another $500, $1000 or more to fix your car.

Many Women, start on the car shopping journey with the willingness and rewarding intentions to shop for a New cars every 3-5 years.

Ladies let us face it, Women in general have older cars than Men. This habit of passing on older cars to women from male family members has intrigued me all my life.  Why are young women or mom’s getting the hand me downs from Dads/husbands/Boyfriends?  Yes, I understand the rationalization that maybe it will cost less than buying a new one but what about repairs, unpredictable downtime spent at car repair shop and most of all what about getting stuck on the highway alone or with kids in the car.

2- Must do items before you set on your next car shopping journey.

Ok the goal is to be prepared for this car shopping experience.

  1. Isolate your True budget – Cost of payment + Insurance+ gas+ maintenance and repairs.
  2. Isolate the 8-10 must have features/ profiles of your next car. Visit and See page 31 in The Smart woman Car Buying Guide.

As per Anne Fleming of, “women must be prepared and do homework before going out to car shop.” The internet provides a great start using the manufacturer’s site as well as well know Women car buying sites.

Kerry Hannon from Forbes magazine- describes that being prepared saved her over $4000.  

 Kerry Say’s – “Even better, I’m very proud of the price I paid for my Subaru. I got the car for $4,250 below sticker price, which was the result of my research and deal making.”

As she goes on to say she did not require her husband to help her. All she needed to do was set her budget and stick to that price during the dealing phase.

Although not everyone is as confident and car knowing as Kerry as an automotive writer. I can assure you that CarTrust Education and Car buying assistance utilizing the “The smart Woman’s’ car buy guide” will help you understand the 6 basic steps and to stay within your budget. Do The object is to get into your right car for your needs and YOUR BUDGET.

So, forget about the old hand me down cars from family members and get into the new and there is no excuse since today you can get into a New Car for as low as $200 -$250 per month on a 60-month lease or finance.

And the great benefit is a manufacturer warranty ranging from 3-4 years is included for most vehicles at NO COST. Worry free Driving stay within your budget with no surprise extra costs.

You can do it and yes you deserve a beautiful new car! – Get out of old and into the New.

Happy shopping!