July 2019 by Joseph Niro, CEO and Founder of CarTrust

Finally, the gender gap is equal when buying cars that are 50%, women and men. The problem lies in a male-dominated sales function. Where are the Women? Come on dealership lets hire Women and train them Otherwise some services can help like joinwomendrivers.com.

It’s Time to empower Women to shop in a Women-Friendly environment…Agree

Even, if dealership showroom salespeople are primarily men, I see change coming in 2020. Yes, it’s changing for women…Ladies, you have finally reached that point that all manufacturers and dealerships never believed would happen before 2025, where you own 62% of new cars on the road. Women purchased more new cars than men in 2018.

Automotive Empowerment is about clear and transparent knowledge and being able to give respect to each shopper for her type of shopping habits.

I suggest that the car industry needs to add more saleswomen on the showroom floor to support a changing marketplace and provide transparent support to help her buy her car.

CarTrusteducation.com has a new approach that I have developed over the past 25 years of doing 1000’s of one-one car shopping support with Women shoppers. The goal is simple. Provide 6 simple steps and very smart homework tools to prepare you. Yes, a car shopping course. Visit www.cartrusteducation.com

Dear friends, this is the largest retail purchase you make in your life. You will buy between 5-10 cars in your lifetime.
Certainly, we are not trained to understand complex car buying and selling. There are more than 39 steps you MUST DO to get into new car….no wonder women keep their cars longer than men….who wants to go through this dance that seems to cost MORE money to women than men in general.

Also, why it is that women, pay as much as $400-$2000 more for cars than men in 2018 ??

Why is this…hmm…I have been debating which answer to write. Ok, I will go with Women who need to do their homework before they start shopping… simply because when you are armed with knowledge and you have a power position when negotiating.

It works. Past 12 years CarTrust Women members have saved on average $1200.00 per purchase…yes, that’s better pricing than men. Learn the secret. Join Today!

So why do dealerships have so much range in their pricing? Well the answer lies in 2 areas:

1) Not being prepared is called emotional purchase and that usually cost anywhere from $1000-$5000 more because dealership salespeople are paid to sell you things…. Be Prepared!

2) The other area where dealerships make more money is on your trade-in. After 30 years of consulting, I still don’t understand how they can play around with used car prices they offer to Women. So I suggest, you do your homework first, and find out the REAL value of your used car from KBB.com or other online sources…Or better still – Let CarTrust, help you sell the car and make 15%-20% more money. Check out the FREEDOM package at Cartrusteducation – and see how easy it is to sell your trade-in.

CarTrust is a Women-focused membership service. (Men can join also) Yes, I am a man. Many ask why I am so focused on women automotive consulting. SIMPLE, I had the best mentor in the first 11 years of my life that taught me about gender equality. Today it is upon me to make the car industry aware there are over 110 Million women who drive. Fairness is a MUST!
I assure my grandmother Angela would be proud of me. She was preaching gender equality as far back as WW1. She was born in 1887 and was a single Mom of 3 by age 34, when her husband passed. She supported many widows in her village and she insisted and reinforced through prayer and example that Women are equal to men and must have Equal rights.

Yes, Dream of that new car. I am certain CarTrust education can find a car to fit your budget and remove all possible headaches and provide a safe and stress-free way to shop with peace of mind.

Many Blessings and happy car shopping! – Doc Joe

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