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In gerneral, education courses are not refundable. CarTrust will allow 30 days full refund.

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Open 9am - 8pm EDT. Except Holidays (Canada/USA)

Good News...You will have the same automotive consultant to work with during your membership.

You will get an email or call back from customer service within 24 hours. Then you will be assigned a professional consultant for Essential and Elite levels to support you in your education.

CarTrust is there to support you. We suggest where best prices are in your region. We can contact your favorite dealership if requested.

The only extra fees that are applicable are the Step 2 fees. If you select that we sell or help with lease return process of your used car. Fees are flat 3% of selling price/lease buyout. Minimum fee of $300.00 plus applicable fees. Includes ad placement 1 month + qualify prospects.